DIY love collage <3
Come to Wonder Photo Shop and create a perfect Valentine Gift by yourself straight from your heart! Thinking about a gift for your love is exciting. Creating it is pure joy. Everyone can be creative! Just try it.

You are looking for a special gift for Valentine's Day? Why don't you create your individual love collage using pictures of all happy moments. You only need a cardboard of 30x30cm (ofc course any other size is also ok), 9 pictures in stylish square format 10x10cm, some glue and decoration items like washi tapes, stickers and pens. Glue the pictures on the cardboard. It don't need to be precisely, some overlaps make the collage looking even better. After that add some decoration as you like, e.g. by gluing washi tape on the pictures to create a nice frame or write a personal message on the pictures or cardboard. That's all!