DIY accordion frame
Wonder Photo Shop is offering a broad range of photo accessories including accordion frames but why don't you craft one by yourself? It's super easy. We will explain you how to do in only a few steps.

Accordion frames are perfect as a gift or for keeping memories saved. Creating it by yourself is easier than you might think. You only require cardboard for the inner pages and covers, a scissor, glue, some pictures, a satin ribbon and some decoration items. Make sure that the cardboard size for the inner pages is fitting your picutures. Then fold the cardboard like an accordion and make sure the folds are even. After that use another cardboard to create the two covers. Those should be slightly bigger than the inner pages. Glue the cover on the first and last page of the inner pages and attach a satin ribbon on the cover. After that you only need to add the photos and decorate everything as you like with washi tapes, stickers and other items that you can find in the Wonder Photo Shop.